Literature review of strategic foresight and

Ansoffpp. Godet, MichelScenarios and Strategies. An article can either deal with the micro perspective, with the macro perspective, or both perspectives of SF e.

Technology foresight process Fig. In order to discover important conferences concerning SF bibliometrics is used for the identification of conference articles dealing with SF. Highly relevant journals concerning Strategic Foresight Table 7: From this perspective, some authors have gone further to argue that strategic foresight is instructive in unpacking the dynamics of various systemic approaches to innovation studies [Martin and Johnston ; Rohrbeck et al.

This was not possible in the case of InterScience and IngentaConntect, since the search function of these databases is limited concerning the number of keywords. In my paper I will use the term Technology Intelligence.

The resulting short list contained journal articles written by different authors. The four elements of Strategic Foresight Fig. Pearce II, John A. Ringland, GillScenario Planning: Do we really need a new Paradigm. Authors most active in different aspects of Strategic Foresight Fig.

The resulting long list contained conference articles, which have been filtered in the same way as the long list of journal articles before. Due to systemizing and defining Strategic Foresight issues via Porter, the next step will be to develop a model for measuring complexity.

The SCI covers a huge number of publications from different publishers.


Organizational Scanning, Interpretation, and Learning Fig. It was in that strategic foresight began to receive great attention and also the time when the wording changed from forecasting to foresight. Finally, there is no analysis of the different subjects related to Strategic Foresight discussed in scientific literature.

Van der Heijden, KeesScenarios: As Miles and Huberman [, p. There is only limited research on motivation and use, value contribution, and innovation.

Which scientific journals are most relevant concerning Strategic Foresight. We have analyzed the research subjects addressed in the 59 articles, and from this a taxonomy of eight categories.

Gordon, AdamFuture Savvy. Although we witness a growth of academic interest in strategic foresight, we argue that this scientific field is weakly organized and there is a lack of theoretical progress. Bernhardtp.

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Pearce II, John A. They classified quantitative methods as standardized, particular, and presence related aiming a prediction of the future. Furthermore, InterScience and IngentaConnect had limitations concerning the number of keywords to be searched at the same time. Which methods are used within the foresight process.

Studies in- cluded papers: Planning and Design, 8th ed. Previous article in issue. The articles were systematically organized and analyzed. A toolbox for problem solving. For example, the context of the citation is not taken into account while only counting citations. Unternehmen gestalten Zukunft, Murmann, Hamburg, Germany.

In addition, again the SCI as a tool for citation analysis is limited to citations of journals listed in its database. Seven highly relevant conferences, 15 highly relevant journals, and 12 major authors in the field of Strategic Foresight have been identified.

What Style Should You Use?. review on the term “strategic foresight.” Common to the various foresight terms referred to above, strategic foresight is a dual purpose task of 1) observing, perceiving, and captur.

This paper focuses on exploring the potential and empirically observable value creation of strategic foresight activities in firms. We first review the literature on strategic foresight, innovation management and strategic management in order to identify the potential value contributions.

4 Future Character of Conflict UDCDC Strategic Trends (?) 5 European Defense Agency Global Context Study - Final Report () 6 Environmental Change- Strategic Foresight- Impacts on. The nature of strategic foresight research: A systematic literature review.

Strategic foresight has a great potential of contributing more to the success of a firm if the research moves from.

Bibliometric analysis and literature review on strategic foresight

A systematic literature review of strategic foresight, including 59 articles, is conducted. The scientific field is weakly organized and there is a lack of theoretical progress.

Three categories dominate: methods applied, organizing practices, and experiences gained.

Strategic Foresight for Innovation Management: A Review and Research Agenda

LITERATURE REVIEW OF STRATEGIC FORESIGHT AND SCENARIO PLANNING Introduction In an increasingly uncertain global economic climate, the challenges facing businesses today have changed significantly over the past few decades, and equally so have academic perspectives and topical management trends.

Literature review of strategic foresight and
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(PDF) The nature of strategic foresight research: A systematic literature review