Review of literature on stress management

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Writing a Literature Review on Stress Management

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On the other hand, male doctors showed significantly higher anxiety scores than the norms, had less job satisfaction, and drank more alcohol than their women counterparts. The determinants of job stress which were examined under the study include management role, relationship with others, workload pressure, homework interface, role ambiguity, and performance pressure.

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Correlation analysis was also carried out to examine the relationship between education and performance of the employees. For this purpose a sample of one thousand eight hundred seventeen general practitioners was selected at random by 20 family practitioner committees in England.

Results showed that rewards, participation, politics, and career development, were serious sources of job stress for the internal auditors. YousefJob satisfaction as a mediator of the relationship between role stressors and organizational commitment A study from an Arabic cultural perspective, Journal of managerial psychology, 17,4, pp Ahsan et al.

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Khoury and Farhad Analoui conducted a research to identify the primary and crucial stressors that Palestinian employees encounter.

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Body essay writing contest mechanics m a creative writing phd funding. Stress Management in Adolescence* M.A (Psychology) DHARWAD. - This is an extensive Review of Literature Study on Stress Management in Adolescents.

Stress is being experienced by everyone nowadays. Stress Management has become very essential. Stress can be constructively channelized to reduce the stress.

Managing stress is. literature-review-on-stress-management-by-martin-kwasi-abiemo 1.

Review of literature on stress management

HO POLYTECHNIC DEPARTMENT OF SEC. & MGT. STDS. HND SEC. Stress Management: Review of Related Literature, Research Method and the Procedure of Study, Presentation and Discussion of Results [Grace Nwamaka Okorodudu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Stress management is a practical guide for the treatment of stress; it focuses on stress reduction for effective adjustment of people generally. Review of literature paves way for a clear understanding of the areas of research already undertaken and throws a light on the potential areas which are yet to be covered.

Keeping this view in mind, an attempt has been made to make a brief survey of the work undertaken on the field of occupational stress. The focus of this article is to review the literature about the impact of stress on job performance.

It is therefore imperative to briefly review the impact of stress on human body that in turn affects their job.

Review of literature on stress management
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